Our Farm

Untraditional Fruits is a queer-owned and operated urban micro farm. We focus on unique and rare varieties of produce. We also lovingly raise poultry for eggs, and we support the health of pollinators through keeping native bees and honey bees. Our products are sustainable and grown with minimal water and carbon footprints.

Our Farmers

Our farming education has been greatly shaped by all of the places and climates where we've lived. Yet our education has often failed to recognize the role of indigenous tribes and peoples in the stewarding of these lands. We are working to unlearn imperial history, while learning the indigenous history of the lands and waters that have shaped us.

Jack was born and raised on the arid shrub steppe lands of the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla. Kristopher was born of the flowing waters of Multnomah and Wimahl on Chinook lands. We met and grew into adulthood in the rolling hills of the Nimiipuu, Palus, and Schitsu'umsh homelands, and left a part of our hearts in the hardwood forests and White Mountain foothills of Wabanaki and N'dakina lands. We lived for many years along the shared waters of the Coast Salish and have been shaped by the lands and people of the Duwamish, Tulaplip, Puyallup, Muckleshoot, Snohomish, and Stillaguamish. We now call Nisqually lands home.