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From our farm to your home

If you get bored with the limited selection in the grocery store, we always have unique and exciting foods for adventurous eaters. Or maybe you want a familiar taste from your home country without paying import prices. Either way, we've got something for everyone.

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Unique fruits

Apples that taste like chocolate, black radishes, prickly pears. We grow hard-to-find foods so you can taste interesting flavors and excite your palate.

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Fresh eggs

Happy poultry make healthy eggs. Our chickens and quial are fed organic grains, eat plenty of fresh vegetables, and have freedom to roam.

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Healthy pollinators

A thriving garden is not possible without pollinators. We grow native wildflowers to attract our pollinator friends, and we never use synthetic pesticides.

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"I had never eaten mulberries before, but they were surprisingly sweet and soft. I love finding new flavors, so I am hooked! I will definitely be returning to Untraditional Fruits to see what they have next." —Sarah J.

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Our ethos

Our farm is located on coercively ceded, traditional sqʷaliʔ (Nisqually) homelands and territory. The sqʷaliʔabš (Nisqually people) have been the caretakers of this land since time immemorial and we aspire to join them in responsibly stewarding this land for future generations. Learn more »

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We were all-natural before it was cool. We never use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Learn more »

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We engage in cyclical sustainability to use every available resource for a low carbon footprint. Learn more »

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Our drought-tolerant permaculture and watering process conserves precious water. Learn more »

Happy Critters

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Happy Plants

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Happy People

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Grain fed, cruelty free, free-range chickens, quail, and ducks.

Natural produce grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Healthy food grown with sustainable green practices.

Our farmers are happy
to answer your questions

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